The crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea and pink sand of Elafonisi Beach Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sandalso known as Ελαφόνησος , enticed me into the Crete island. I kept a picture of this beautiful inlet on my pc in a folder “Must Visit”. And finally my dream came true!


This perfect beach and islet are in the far west coast of the Crete island. The clear turquoise water have beckoned travelers for centuries, but thankfully this area is not very well-known by travelers as for now. This pristine beach with its white sandbars remains virtually untouched by tourists. In one part of the beach you can find large deposits of pink sand, and in the other one – black volcanic sand pebbles.


Pink sand

Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sand

To see pink beach is really rare and unusual beautiful sight. The question arises: how did pink sand appear on Elafonisi beach?

The fact is that the tiny foraminifera crustaceans live in red shells in the seawater. After foraminifera lifetime finishes, the red shells are left in the seawater, which then destroyed and mixed with the sand. Therefore Elafonisi beach has a striking pink color.


How to get there

Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sand

I travelled to the west Crete from Chanea to a lovely town named Kastelli-Kissamos by local bus. The bus from Chanea leaves at 9 AM and arrives to Elafonisi at 11 AM. Bus timetable can be viewed by the link

By the way, this is one of the bus tours that you will really remember for all life. You will enjoy of a breathtaking journey through the gorge of mountains, majestic cliffs, foggy clouds and wild goats jumping on the mountain scarp.

Travel tips


Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sandOn the beach you can take a chaise lounge for 2 euro and an umbrella for 4 euro for the whole day.

Near the beach there are several family hotels with taverns. There you will not find luxury five-star hotels with infinity swimming pool. All hotels have two or three stars. I chose hotel Elafonisi Resort by Kalomirakis Family with a suit for two costs 40 euro. The tavern of hotel has a great selection of seafood and Greek cuisine.

J&T team would like also to recommend Libyan Mare Hotel, located in Palaiochora area. The popular Elafonisi beach is only 12 km away. Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sand Libyan Mare is a luxury complex comprising of four maisonettes, situated on one of the most beautiful places in Crete. Libyan Mare stands proudly on an amazing location with breathtaking views of the mountain and the sea. The combination of the tranquility of the sea and the wildness of the mountain will offer you an unforgettable experience. Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sand

The prices starts from 60 till 250 euro during the high season. The hotel provides 3 different types of rooms, including family rooms, swimming pool, free wi-fi and free parking. More information you can find following the website of Libyan Mare Hotel Wonderful Elafonisi beach with pink sand