South Africa is the southernmost point of African continent. If you move forward to the south, you will find only the infinite Antarctica which occupies about 10% of the total land of the Earth, the eternal ice slab edge and land of penguins. This is why these magnificent birds came and decided to stay in Simons Town, located 40 km away from Cape Town – a legislative capital of South Africa.

Incidentally, South Africa is the most developed country of African continent, the only one African country which is a member of G20. Its population is very cosmopolitan and includes, in addition to the local races, colonists arrived from the Netherlands, England, France and immigrants arrived from all over African continent etc. Due to the fact that South Africa has been the Dutch and then British colony, the most widespread official languages ​​are Afrikaans (derived from Dutch) and English.

It is easy to get to Simons Town from the airport by taxi or using Uber service (about 600-700 ZAR/ equal to 45-55 USD). If you would like to save and enjoy the wonderful view, you can go by local train. The railway passes directly at the shoreline, so unreal view of the ocean is guaranteed. The ticket cost will be about 20 ZAR/ 1,5 USD. The railway goes from Cape Town, it is easy to get from the airport to Cape Town by comfortable bus for 70 ZAR/ 8 USD.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

Simon’s town is a very nice and cozy small town located at the seashore, its specialty are giant boulders and a colony of African penguins occupies the coast of Boulders Beach. There you can find many comfortable villas and guesthouses with excellent level of service. Our personal recommendation is to book your accommodation as high as possible on the top of hills to enjoy the ocean and magnificent sunsets. The sunsets are perfect in Simon’s town.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

The penguin’s beach is not free of charge. Indeed penguins walk everywhere in Simon’s town, so you can meet them on the nearby beaches or even on the streets. For example, we were very surprised when we arrived for dinner to a local restaurant Seaforth and saw a colony of 15-20 penguins relaxing on the grass nearby the restaurant. Of course, most of them are located on the Boulders Beach.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

We recommend you to pay the entrance fee, take a look on the large colony and, as a bonus, to receive an access to a small nearby beach for people on the other side where you can have sunbathe and swim.

Penguins are absolutely not afraid of people and sometimes even show their interest. However if you want to come closer or touch them, be prepared to meet with their sharp beak. When they feel threaten, then begin to turn their heads. In practice, they are cute and gentle birds walking in pairs, pairs hatch babies together in nests, they give you to examine them closely and are gladly posing for selfies.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking viewsWe would recommend staying in Simon’s Town for a few days to communicate with penguins closer, observe their behavior and habits. In addition to penguins, you can enjoy Proteus blossom, or also known as Proteus – sugarbushes (sugar bush), see funny animal Dassy and admire sugarbirds with long tails, which collect sweet Proteus nectar.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking viewsJacques-Yves Cousteau used to say that if you have never been in Cape Town then you lived in vain. And it is difficult not to agree, just take a look on the Cape of Good Hope. For me this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Incredible power of elements and unreal beauty take your breath away. The entry fee is 135 ZAR (about 10 USD), and a cable car costs 65 ZAR (about 5 USD) for round trip. Visit the official web page of Cape Point and check the hours and thing to do.

You will see the trail to the old lights house, this trail is awesome, don’t ignore it and you will get unforgettable feelings and memories.The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

We also recommend visiting the Table Mountain – the icon of Cape Town, it is shown on the national flag as the white straight line. You can climb to the mountain by hiking trails or use aerial cableway. The price is 255 ZAR/17 USD. The view is breathtaking. You will see whole the city: Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, stadium where FIFA World cup took place in 2010, Bo Kaap dirtict with its colorful houses.

The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

We would recommend to book your accommodation in the exclusive areas of ​​Clifton or Camps It is very beautiful area, the incredible ocean view and great boulders. This place is very similar to Simons Town. The only one difference is seagulls instead of penguins. Also this area is a favorite spot for gay couples. South Africa is very friendly country for gay people, the constitution allows same-sex marriages, that is why each year this country is chosen by many couples for wedding ceremonies.

We do not recommend booking a hotel on the popular Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, but if you cannot live without shopping and a large number of restaurants nearby, this is definitely your place. There are no luxury villas in Clifton area, but there are a lot of brand hotel with waterfront view.

If you want to eat fresh fish that has just been caught from the ocean, we recommend to go to Kalk Bay. There are a lot of locals in queue waiting for the fresh lobsters, fish and chips (local hake fish or snoek). Believe me, despite the fact that the Kalky’s Tavern is not glamorous, lobster (here they call it crayfish) are very delicious. And the cost is only 180 ZAR/ 14 USD.The long way to the country of penguins and breathtaking views

For surfers Cape Town offers unrealistically beautiful beach Muizenberg with its colorful houses-colored change booths. These strong waves are just perfect for surfing, spectacular ocean views and plenty of cheap and colorful hostels.

It is unforgettable to fly to Cape Town and not to visit the local safari. We recommend you to visit one of the Game Reserves and choose the best option for a safari.  The road from Cape Town takes less than 2 hours.

It is really one of the few countries in the whole world where you definitely want to come back.