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The highest viewing platforms which we recommend to visit

Cанторіні – відкрий свої двері в море

Santorini – open your door to the Sea

Marvelous Santorini is very attractive Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea. The ideal tourist infrastructure, stylish boutique hotels and tasty traditional cuisine combining with Greek hospitality have made this island the favorite place among hundreds of thousands tourists. The island has an airport and it is also possible to get to the island…

Барселона. Мозаїка Каталонії

Barcelona. Mosaic Catalonia

Barcelona is a city that will blow your mind. Each building meets the eye and each street inspires. The Spanish cuisine will make you to return here again. There is a theory that the city was named after the honor of the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca (lat. Barca Hamilcar), which literally means “Lightning” (c. 275…

Величний Монте-Карло

Magnificent Monte Carlo

The Principality of Monaco has already conquered hearts of thousands wealthy tourists. The capital of the Principality is Monte Carlo, the most prestigious city among world resorts, located in southern Europe on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. It is famous for its casino, luxury yachts, luxury hotels, excellent restaurants and of course the elite…

Кольорові пляжі світу

Colorful beaches of the World

Black volcanic Kamari beach on Santorini island The third place in our Top List belongs to black volcanic Kamari beach on Santorini island. Santorini is well-known for Oia white houses, windmills of Imerovigli and blue roofs of Thira cozy churches. However not all tourists know that Santorini island is also famous for Kamari black beach.…

Готелі Елафонісі

Elafonisi Hotels

Our J&T team would like also to recommend Libyan Mare Hotel, located in Palaiochora area. The popular Elafonisi beach is only 12 km away. Libyan Mare is a luxury complex comprising of four maisonettes, situated on one of the most beautiful places in Crete. Libyan Mare stands proudly on an amazing location with breathtaking views…

Канни – місто моря та кінофестивалю

Cannes – city of sea and film festival

Today we are going to talk about extraordinary city in France, which attracts not only tourists but also world-wide celebrities. This city became the center of the famous film festival. This city is Cannes. Cannes attracts immediately and forces to return there again and again. Beautiful views, old neighborhoods that were saved from past centuries…