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J&T presents the Top List recommendations for travelers, headings MUST VISIT, hotel “from A to Z”, luxurious restaurants and colorful pubs, exhibitions, entertainments and world-class events, carnivals and fashion shows, family vacation, business trips, practical advice for a memorable holiday, photo and video.

J&T cooperates with the representatives of hotel and restaurant business, travel agencies, holiday agencies and educational institutions abroad and other international companies. Team J&T actively communicates with readers, giving advice on holidays, current events and advertising support.

Our Contact:

Chief Editor of J&T Magazine

Olga Garan

Tel.: +38 097 9110456



Travel Expert of J&T Magazine

Anna Tsyvinska

Tel.: +38 066 5618335



Captain of the aircraft and Aviation Expert of J&T Magazine

Robin Nava





Today J&T is a leading international journal in Ukraine, Europe and the Eastern countries. We bring together European, Ukrainian and international companies in the field of advertising hotel and restaurant’ services abroad, offering them:

  • regular information support to their activities in different countries;
  • advertising in the online versions of the magazine;
  • entertainment and social events organization that offers representatives of the business community to meet informally and develop their business.

We are unique due to the targeted audience who travel a lot, and with pleasure read our articles about tourism and new destinations. Moreover, we have a direct contact with our readers, answering their questions and providing with recommendations.

Way of distribution

Our J&T magazine is distributed online world-wide and on the territory of Ukraineis; focused on high-level class of client. That is why we are working with our personal CEOs database of the most successful companies of Ukrainian market. Moreover, we are the member of business company associations, which include more than 1000 potential clients-companies. The publishing falls directly to the hands of potential customers by the following ways of distribution:

  • 70% – CEOs and offices of Ukrainian and international companies;
  • 25% – working with travel companies, hotels, restaurants and cafes, beauty salons, sports halls, fashion boutiques and shops, shopping halls etc.;
  • 5% – during events of international companies and embassies, other private closed events.

Our J&T magazine is quite popular nowadays due to interesting and actual articles about world-wide resorts and places to visit. Every week we send our online newsletter articles to our partners in business associations and directly to potential customers. We also often receive the request to organize a tour or conferences for our partners.

We are always opened to consider clients proposals for future cooperation.