We had a great honeymoon on Mauritius island few years ago, enjoying spectacular landscapes and colorful sunsets with curly clouds.


We enjoyed everyday snorkeling in blue sea discovering sea life. Mauritius is a home to world-renowned coral reefs. Sea water was so transparent that you can see easily 3-4 meters below. We had a great time there!


And now, unfortunately, Mauritius struggles to contain oil spill pollution its sea which happened at the end of July 2020 due to Japanese bulk carrier MV Wakashio crash.  Thousands of animal species are at risk of drowning in the sea of pollution with dire consequences for Mauritius’ economy, food and health.

Volunteers are working day and night at the Mahebourg Waterfront to make kilometers-long coils that are used to slow the advance of the oil slick. They are marshalling along the coastline in an attempt to hold back the oil tide. It is a great ecological disaster on the archipelago’s pristine shore.


Tourism is a crucial part of its economy. A lot of newspapers say that Mauritius coast will never be the same. However, we truly believe that Mauritius nature will be saved and its sea with coral reefs will be the same clear and beautiful as it was during our last visit.

Indeed I did not need any Instagram filters when we were making photos on Mauritius island. Sea water was full of different blue color tones shining so brightly with sun reflection.

Every sunset was unbelievably beautiful. Evening sunset sky was changing its colors from light pink into deep red and purple colors.




We visited resort Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa https://www.beachcomber-hotels.com/ . One of the best family resorts in Mauritius, stands proudly above the coastline on a historic peninsula. Canonnier Beachcomber enhances the authentic Mauritian atmosphere with commanding views over the northern islands and sparkling Indian Ocean, lush tropical gardens dotted with cascading pools and a string of secluded creeks.

Hotel’s infrastructure blends perfectly with the historical remnants – a beautiful combination of modernity and history. Located between Trou aux Biches and Grand Bay, the resort owns its historical cachet, protected by a myriad of creeks with awe-inspiring views on the northern islands.


The resort has successfully preserved the charm and authenticity of this historical site by conserving the ancient lighthouse, the remnants of the fortresses and tropical gardens.

There is also a hotel’s mini-golf, located on the northern island in the heart of a beautiful tropical garden with coconut palms, casuarinas and barbary.

We were happy with hotel service, friendly staff and delicious food in all their restaurants.

Open for lunch and dinner, Le Navigator Restaurant is offering a magnificent view of the ocean and northern islands. The restaurant brings to mind ancient colonial mansions. The spacious interior enclosed in glass houses a bar and opens onto two split-level terraces. Eighteenth-century canons are a reminder of the island’s historical past. One terrace is set on an open wooden deck overlooking the sea, while the other features tables set on the sand.


Moreover, at Le Navigator, gourmet cuisine delighted us with fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant is also famous for its festive “lobster nights”.

Magic atmosphere was everywhere specially walking along the resort’s territory enjoying lights on the trees and amazing sunsets. Truly Paradise!

On the way back to the airport we rented a car and decided to visit La Vanille Nature Park on the southern part of Mauritius island. To get from the north to the south of the island it took us nearly 4 hours driving. We enjoyed the green landscapes of the island. Due to the climate features the clouds are very low and I had the feeling that I could touch the fluffy clouds. Also you will be surprised to see the orange soil of the island like in some parts of Africa territory.

La Vanille Nature Park on Mauritius island


You will receive an unforgettable experience at the heart of a tropical forest while visiting La Vanille Nature Park on Mauritius. The park is spanning over 5 hectares in the south of the island. There are 2 Must-Do’s at La Vanille Park:

  • to meet and to feed Aldabra giant tortoises. The oldest turtle is 107 years old.

These turtles are so big and massive that small kids are allowed to sit at the top of the tortoise-shell. You can give green leaves to turtles and enjoy the process of feeding. This opportunity should not be missed! After you are welcome to check the nursery of baby tortoises, there are over 700 of small tortoises of different species.

  • Don’t miss a spectacular crocodile feeding show! You will be scared and excited at the same time. Every day at 11.30 am.

There is also a crocodile nursery, where you will see how a huge crocodile develops from a small egg. There are caimans, Nile crocodiles and huge American alligators.

Visitors will also meet lemurs and iguanas, monkeys, Javan deers, Madagascar day geckos, Mauritian and Rodrigues fruit bats and farm animals. It is allowed to take selfie with iguana Octar and lemurs and also to feed them.

Moreover, there are 3 fascinating museums on the territory of the park:


  1. Lost Land of the Do-Do bird: Everything you need to know about the Do-Do: discovery, life history, extinction.
  2. The Insectarium: one of the World’s largest private collections of insects – more than 25.000 species are presented there.
  3. Fossil Museum with an amazing collection of ammonites and other fossils.

We recommend visiting the park earlier in order to enjoy more. Check the time table of animals feeding to have fun with your kids.