The Principality of Monaco has already conquered hearts of thousands wealthy tourists. The capital of the Principality is Monte Carlo, the most prestigious city among world resorts, located in southern Europe on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. It is famous for its casino, luxury yachts, luxury hotels, excellent restaurants and of course the elite audience. Casino Square

We recommend starting your Monte Carlo journey with Casino Square. This is the main point of attraction for tourists coming to Monaco. There are luxury cars, coffee aroma, flying fountains sprays and of course the casino itself.

Casino Monte CarloCasino Monte Carlo is one of the oldest and most famous casinos in Europe. It was found in 1863. Casino consists of several gaming halls – the Hall of European, the American Hall, the Medsin, the White Hall, the Atrium. Each hall is for special games: American, English, European Roulettes, Punto Banco, 30/40, blackjack, baccarat. Gaming machines are located in two halls – the Atrium and the White Hall.

There is no necessity to spend a monthly salary to plunge into the world of Monte Carlo elite. Even ordinary tourists can visit the legendary monument of Monte Carlo. The visitor should be 21 years old and older, has ID and is dressed in appropriate clothes. There is a strict dress code – no beach clothes and flip flops, but wearing jeans is allowed. Men must wear jackets in the game room after 20 pm. The entrance ticket costs 10 euro, and for attending private gaming rooms – 20 euro. You can walk through the magnificent halls and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of luxury. Each playroom of Casino Monte Carlo richly decorated with paintings and sculptures focused on gold color. Even the bar is a work of art. Unfortunately, cameras and bags must be left in lockers. It is strictly prohibited to make photos.

Casino Monte Carlo has long been associated with James Bond. There were shooting the movies “Casino Royale”, “Never Say Never” and “Golden Eye”. Casino brings huge profits to the principality. However Monaco citizens are not allowed to gamble and visit this place.

Sky Mirror

In front of casino entrance it is installed glassy hemisphere. It looks like it was made of diamonds and brightly playing with the sunshine. The lens is an art project by British artist of Indian origin Anish Kapoor. The composition is called the «Sky Mirror», 1999.

Not far from the casino is a park with elegant female sculptures and fountains.

Tourist route can be continued with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. The museum has a huge collection of stuffed animals, marine skeletons and various floating structures. The aquarium is also located in the basement of museum where you can see many species of live fish and invertebrates.

Larvotto beach

If you are visiting Monte Carlo in the hottest season, do not miss the Larvotto beach. The beach is free and within city limits. Thus, everyone can find a place on the soft gravel-stone to sunbathe and swim in clean water.

Port Hercule is one of two seaports in Monte Carlo, luxurious and modern place. And this is not just a port. Port HerculeThis is the place where your eyes are blind due to the numbers of luxury yachts, which fully meets the epithet “blameless”. This port attracts an incredible number of billionaires who trusted their luxurious and expensive yachts. Modern Port Hercule provides a parking space for about 700 yachts. Please also note that there is a great view of the city.Port Hercule

Any vacation means visiting restaurants. The average cost of lunch or dinner is 40-60 euro for two. Restaurants will please you with delicious fish and a huge selection of salads. And if you have sweet tooth, you should visit bars with ice cream. You can see a wide variety of ice cream and sherbet, and treat yourself with a glass of sparkling wine.

Remember, even if the city seems to be unbearably expensive, you can always find options for a budget and very interesting holidays.