In my first article I was happy to introduce myself and talk a little about how to became a pilot. Today I will share with you some information how pilots keep their pilot license and which courses they perform regularly.

Once you finished your education and received diploma, the next step is to keep your Pilot License. Do you imagine that each pilot have to pass an exam of skills and work management every 6 months in order to continue working.How to be a pilot Sounds like a situation impossible and can not happen, but… Indeed Yes! Welcome to Pilot Life! Being an airline pilot, we must pass every 6 months this exam. And if we want keep our better salary, we should to pass it perfectly well.

Nowadays airlines use simulator facilities around the Globe to perform Initial Training Courses, Refresh Courses and Seminars. All Airlines must follow strict regulations in order to keep crews trained. The aviation authorities make periodical inspections in order to monitor everybody is following the rules and keeping the high safety level in aviation.How to be a pilot

Courses are different, depends on which training you need. For example, if you are a new entry on company, you are obliged to pass several courses like First Aid, Firefighting, Emergency Equipment, Water Survival, etc. These courses are mandatory for cabin crews and pilots.

Let me point your attention on Water survival course necessary in case of emergency situation and landing on water. Usually airlines rent a swimming pool for this training, but I remember my first Water survival course which was for Caribbean Airline. We did it directly in the sea, close to a pier harbor with two instructors. One instructor was with us in water and the second – on the harbor pier observing that no sharks or yellowish rounded us.

How to be a pilotSimulators are a real copy of the aircraft, cabin and flight deck. We can practice all kind of emergencies can happen during the flight: engine problems, fires, smoke, fast cabin decompression, etc. With these excellent tools the crews are well prepared for the day by day work.

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