If you are visiting Fethiye or Oludeniz in Turkey, paragliding is a Must Do. It includes an incredible experience and beautiful landscape. From a height of almost two thousands meters you will definitely enjoy the view of the Blue Lagoon. Take incredible photos and video during your flight. It is incredible and quite safe. Adrenaline before jumping from Mountain Babadag 1969 meters high and the wind in your hair during the flight at a speed of 30-40 km per hour are guaranteed. You are welcome to read in our article about the flight and how to find an experienced instructor.

Paragliding, Turkey

In Oludeniz you will find several travel companies offering paragliding services. Price starts from $ 60 per flight, which lasts 20-30 minutes depending on wind and maneuvers. Every maneuver and so-called “extreme” shortens the flight, so keep this in mind.

I chose escape.paragliding http://escape.com.tr/EN.aspx# , they offer a landing on beautiful Kidrak beach. You can be accompanied by a family member who meets you after the flight and makes a video during the landing. When you are in the sky, your family will be able to spend time on this beautiful beach. So, after a short briefing, you will be taken to the top of the mountain Babadag and prepared for the flight. During takeoff and landing you will be in a helmet, because safety comes first. Experienced instructors will make great photos and videos during the flight with their GoPro camera. So just enjoy the flight, your instructor will take care of everything else.

Paragliding, Turkey

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes (sneakers). Also, bring clothes with sleeves, because at the altitude of 2,000 meters and at a speed of 30-40 km per hour it will be quite cool.

The most important thing in paragliding is your feelings. This cannot be compared to flying on a air-balloon or helicopter. This flight, in my opinion, is most similar to the flight of a bird in the sky. When you feel the wind, speed, freedom and see the beauty from a bird’s eye view. So, we wish you incredible emotions and amazing landscapes.