Today we are going to talk about extraordinary city in France,Cannes – city of sea and film festival which attracts not only tourists but also world-wide celebrities. This city became the center of the famous film festival. This city is Cannes.

Cannes attracts immediately and forces to return there again and again. Beautiful views, old neighborhoods that were saved from past centuries and of course modern streets that harmoniously combining among ancient city districts. Thanks to the Cannes Film Festival, the city quickly began to develop and became prosperous. In spite of such Cannes celebrity, the city still remains a tourist pearl, which all lovers of cinema are willing to visit. Cannes gives the impression.

Cannes – city of sea and film festival

Annual International Cannes Film Festival

Cannes – city of sea and film festivalAnnual International Cannes Film Festival is a member of the so-called “Big Five” among the most prestigious movie festivals in Venice (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Sundance (the USA) and Toronto (Canada). The most prestigious award of the festival is the Golden Palm (Palme d’Or). The second is the Grand Prix. The festival is held in the Palace of Festivals and Conferences, which millions of people around the world see during the journalistic reports. However, perhaps this building will not impress you much with its architecture style on ordinary day.


Must Visit in Cannes

Cannes – city of sea and film festivalThe Promenade de la Croisette is listed in the cultural heritage general inventory of France. It is famous boulevard along the coast of Cannes. Unforgettable impression of extraordinary luxury and magnificent hotels, shops and boutiques of world famous brands are waiting for tourists. Beaches which are located along the coast, are suitable for both leisurely walks and swimming, and are available for quests of first-line hotels. Moreover, there are two free public beaches. This promenade is also well-known for its blue chairs and ice cream. Certainly you should try ice cream or sorbet.

At first glance the city may seem simple, not filled with amusing places except for the Palace of film festivals. However, if look closely, there are some places of interest and attractions which give an unforgettable experience.

Museum of the Sea

The Royal Port St. Margarita Island is situated not far from Cannes. There is located a unique Museum of the Sea. This beautiful island full of pine plantations and eucalyptus forests. Fresh sea air will lift your mood up and give energy. You can reach the island by ferry. The island is well-known for being kept the Iron Mask here. The tour guides will tell you all the details of the famous legends. Ticket to the museum costs 7 euros. In addition the museum often arranges modern and historical exhibitions.

Cannes – city of sea and film festival

District Suquet

Cannes – city of sea and film festivalVisiting this area everyone can enjoy the sense of country history. Once Napoleon walked alone these streets, the maids of honor of the queen were walking, there were fights and romantic meetings. And if you climb the mountain Chevalier, you will see extraordinary views of Cannes coastline. In addition there is a museum of ancient castle Castre, where all kinds of musical instruments and many other interesting things are kept.