Travelling to Burano island is like an unexpected bonus during the sale in the store – you get a discount and a voucher for your next purchase. Burano - back to childhood!Venice itself is amazing by its carnival, atmosphere, gondolas, masks and costumes. Tourists will be really lucky visiting Burano island! You feel again like a child and will enjoy a rainbow of colored building facades. The main “trick” of Burano – all the houses are painted in its specific color. Each color is officially assigned by the house. The color can be changed only by the permission of the local authorities. Bright yellow, purple, green, blue, orange, red walls of houses filled all the island. Long ago local fishermen found the way to home thanks to bright colors of houses.

Burano - back to childhood!Burano is Venice island district and located 7 km away from the city center. The island is known not only for its small colorful buildings but also for its lace. You can buy beautiful souvenirs and presents made of lace, which are produced by old technology. You can try the most delicious Italian pasta in family restaurants, and for dessert – unusual shape of big meringue. You will be surprised by its countless types – by the weight or packed in  beautiful boxes, very small and really king-size. If you order coffee, it will be a real work of art in Italy! They make curious design on the milk froth of cappuccino in any coffee shop. How tasty it smells! The smell denies any doubt of the best coffee quality.

The flavor of the island will certainly surprise you. You can see pots of flowers on windows, birds and dolls on the walls as décor and umbrellas near unlocked doors. This island is a paradise for photographers.

How to get there

You should reach the vaporetto stop San Zaccaria from Piazza San Marco. We recommend you to take a day ticket, because you should change the line and of course journey back. On the vaporetto stop you should take vaporetto line 4.1 or 4.2. You should get to Murano island and after to take vaporetto line 12. According to the following link you will find roaster of 12 lines (4.1 and 4.2 run every 10 minutes)…one/linea12.pdf  It takes 40 minutes to get to Burano island. By the way, on the way back you can visit Murano island, well-known for its glassware.