Barcelona is a city that will blow your mind. Each building meets the eye and each street inspires. The Spanish cuisine will make you to return here again.

There is a theory that the city was named after the honor of the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca (lat. Barca Hamilcar), which literally means “Lightning” (c. 275 – 228 BC).

Let’s consider the most interesting places of Barcelona, ​​which are definitely must visit. Almost all of these places associated with the personality of Antonio Gaudi, the architect from Catalonia. Most of his work in the Art Nouveau and Modern styles are concentrated in Barcelona.

Barcelona. Mosaic CataloniaSagrada Familia is a culmination of the art works of Gaudi. Barcelona. Mosaic CataloniaThe construction works of the temple began in 1882 and did not stop after the architect’s death in 1926, it even continues nowadays. It is planned to complete the Temple in 2026. Its greatness can not be expressed by a photo. It is defiantly worth to visit and go around and view all its sides. The pending issue is to visit Sagrada Familia inside. It is incredible. You can book tickets in advance on the website.

Then we will speak about the famous House Batlló with its incredible facade. The roof tiles laid out so reminiscent of fish scales. Salvador Dali wrote enthusiastically about this house: “This is a huge, amazing, bright, iridescent mosaic of unsurpassed game of colors which are sparkling and reveal the ocean”. Barcelona. Mosaic CataloniaDespite its extravagance, it was planned as an ordinary residential house and was built in 1904-06. Indeed there are many interpretations of the symbols of the building’s main façade. In our opinion the most correct interpretation of the building is a great dragon. The facade covered with scales and bones of its victims in the form of columns and balconies. Since 2005, the House included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Barcelona. Mosaic CataloniaHowever the most colorful place in our opinion, is Park Güell. Everyone knows its colorful mosaics and fantastic spires towers. From the very beginning it was not planned as the park. According to Mr. Güell’s idea (an industrialist, philanthropist and politician) it should be a green residential area. But residents were not interested in buying land plots there because of the long distance from the city center. The project was worked out by Gaudi in 1900-1914. The economic failure of the project resulted its selling to the state authorities of Barcelona,Barcelona. Mosaic Catalonia ​​and after it was decided to turn this area into a park. We are advising you to read our article Park Güell – colorful Catalonia Mosaic.

Barcelona is interesting not only close-up, you must see it from birds’ eye view. The fact that the new city (north-western part) laid out on a rectangular system. Go to Google Earth and write Barcelona city. The view from the top will definitely surprise you.

Let’s talk about the incredible Spanish cuisine that genuinely represented in local restaurants. Of course, this is Spanish paella – national pride. Barcelona. Mosaic Catalonia

If you have a sweet tooth, we would recommend you to enjoy Crema Catalana. It is similar to French creme brulee, but the main ingredient is milk. Sometimes they add spices, cinnamon, vanilla or citron.