Atlantis makes your dreams come true!


Atlantis is a well-known resort hotel in Dubai. This is one of Dubai’s signatures together with famous Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the Earth. By the way, do you know the meaning of these names? Actually it is easy, Burj means tower, thus, Burj al Arab means Arab tower and Burj Khalifa means Khalifa tower. Khalifa is the second President of the UAE from 2004. The tallest building in the World was named after the second President of UAE as the present 3 weeks before his 62 birthday on the day of grand opening.

the Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai is the city where you can find everything you want: the Miracle garden of flowers in the middle of the desert, the tallest building in the world, the island in a form of palm and even ski resort in the country with average temperature 80°F.


Atlantis was supposed to make something special to attract tourists in the city in which it is very difficult to surprise. So what is Atlantis doing to make this place so different and attractive? First of all, its location on the human made island – The Palm Jumeirah, secondly – the unbelievable aquarium the Lost Chambers and a huge water park Aquaventure with perfect service and gorgeous interior.

The Palm Jumeirah consists of a tree trunk, a crown with 16 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometer-long breakwater. The island itself is five kilometers by five kilometers. It adds 78 kilometers to the Dubai coastline. This miracle was made only for 5 years, the construction works began in June 2001 and in 2006 the ready-made island was given for further construction works of the owners.

the Lost Chambers Aquarium

The size of Atlantis is majestic. In October 2007, the hotel received a shipment of 28 bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands, to be used as part of their aquarium exhibit, called Dolphin Bay.


The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a home for 65,000 marine animals, including stingrays and different species of sharks. The hotel provides complimentary access to Aquaventure Waterpark and the lost Chambers Aquarium to its guests.

But this is not the whole story of what can surprise you in Atlantis. This year Atlantis celebrated reaching of 1 million fans on Facebook and they decided to create the special suite for its fans and followers. Atlantis is going to give 250 nights in #AtlantisFanSuite suite for free. All you need it is choose the available dates and wait for a call… and I am one of those 250 lucky! I was very excited and believe me everything is possible in Dubai. This city loves me and I love it back. Everything is possible for the one who believes. So, let’s explore the Atlantis and our fansuite from the inside. This is not the first time in Atlantis for me, but it is for the first time I am here as a fun-guest and absolutely for free.

View from AtlantisFanSuite

The suite is located on 19th  floor and has a magnifique the Palm Jumeirah view.


Together with the free stay the fun-guest will enjoy complimentary access to Imperial Club lounges, priority check in at Royal Majlis, complimentary breakfast in Saffron or Kaleidoskope restaurants, access to the Lost Chambers, the Aquaventure with its famous shark tunnel and many other pleasant surprises. Let the adventures begin.