It is a well-known fact that it is better to learn a foreign language in the place where it is used every day and that the diploma of international standard is recognized in each part of the world.

A-priori Education Abroad Agency opens up opportunities that help you to get education abroad and discover new horizons.

A-priori Education Abroad AgencyThe main goal of our agency is to make you satisfied beyond your expectations. That is why we offer individual approach and comprehensive support for every customer and the simplification of entry process. You may not worry about the paperwork or how to pass the tests and exams, how to deal with accommodation and flight, how to choose an education program or what school or university is better. Our professionals are always glad to help you and provide with advice.

Study abroad means not only knowledge of high quality but also an opportunity to get a lot of impressions, unforgettable experience and make many new acquaintances. Do not limit yourself with the bounds of your country and the fear of language barriers. A-priori Agency will show you that everything is simple, easy and possible!

We appreciate your time and money. That is why we care that you do not spend them in vain. Do not worry that suddenly you will run into unexpected expenses. Together with our partners (the leading foreign universities, colleges and boarding schools), we are always looking for the ways of cooperation that would meet all your needs and also family budget.A-priori Education Abroad Agency

A-priori guaranties an individual approach to everyone. We take into account all your possible suggestions. Our managers provide support to each student at all stages and in all matters of education.

A-priori works with educational institutions of Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Australia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and many others.

A-priori Education Abroad AgencyWe offer a wide range of programs:

  • Programs for children (holidays with language learning, which can be combined with different activities; secondary education in public and private schools with the opportunity to receive an international high school diploma);
  • Programs for students (exam preparation, language learning, higher education (the Bachelor and the Master degree);
  • Programs for professionals (cooking, IT, art and design, business and others).

We are not limited by the choice of programs. We are always ready to help you to enter to the desired university, even if it is not our partner of our education agency.

A-priori Education Abroad AgencyOur contacts:
12/59 Yurkivska Str, off A
Kyiv 04080 Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 2217899
+38 (097) 493 93 05
+38 (093) 073 10 14 +38
+38 (066) 612 49 97

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